Multi-function Machine

by kaisbits

Published on December 29, 2017

It is a synthesizer, a random sequencer, and a proximity sensor

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

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First, start wit two power pieces with batteries. Put the pieces on the mounting boards as you build.

STEP 2 :

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Next, add the Makey Makey bit.

STEP 3 :

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Connect an alligator clip to the earth port in the Makey Makey. Then, attach the other side to tinfoil.

STEP 4 :

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Attach wires to three smaller pieces of tinfoil and attach them to the left arrow, space/click, and the right arrow ports.

STEP 5 :

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Attach the keyboard to the right arrow port.

STEP 6 :

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Add an oscillator after the keyboard.

STEP 7 :

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And then the envelope after the oscillator

STEP 8 :

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The filter comes after the envelope

STEP 9 :

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And the delay goes after the filter

STEP 10 :

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Attach one of the mix wires to this synthesizer circuit.

STEP 11 :

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And then add the speaker after the mix bit.

STEP 12 :

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Attach the proximity sensor to space/click on the Makey Makey.

STEP 13 :

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And then add the baragraph after that.

STEP 14 :

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To complete this part, add the buzzer after the baragraph.

STEP 15 :

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Next, add the micro sequencer in the left arrow snap on the Makey Makey

STEP 16 :

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The random bit goes after that...

STEP 17 :

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...and then another oscillator.

STEP 18 :

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Add the remaining mix wire to the oscillator.

STEP 19 :

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Finally, add the alligator clips to the ports of the Makey Makey and the smaller pieces of tinfoil

STEP 20 :

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Turn both power bits on. Turning one on will make the other light up, but make sure both are on. This project can also be done with one power bit, but I recommend 2.

STEP 21 :

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Touch the smaller pieces of tinfoil to the larger ones to activate different functions.

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