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The Light Up Hat - Story of Bits

by edonabejtullahu

Published on September 22, 2017

One day some bits decided to gather in an orange hat because they wanted to make it feel special. They made it shine as never before.

First the Power bit took the lead, he call out his other friends to make a circuit. The cable and the Split bit were the first to arrive. In a little bit two long LED twins came to the meeting.

Power bit said : "Listen guys we have a mission to make this orange hat with glowing ears. Can I count on you?"

"Yes sir." - said the Split bit with confidence. - "Let me call the shoes for more stability."

The shoes came in and took over the hat.

Bits and shoes all together completed the mission sucessfuly by making the Hat look beautiful.


How To Make It


The circuit This photo describes how to complete the circuit of bits.
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The estabilishing This photo describes how to put the bits into the Hat.
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The shoes This photo is only made for fun, showing how shoes go in a row to the hat to make everything stay put.
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