Mickey and Pluto Alarm

by Ms.Ross

Published on April 23, 2014

Grade 9 Little Bits Project

How To Make It


Cut the cardboard into 6 circles, 2 big, 4 small.


Cut a rectangle that can bond together with the two big circles. Cut one two more rectangles that can bond together with the 4 small circles (these will be the ears).


Now you will need two small bottles and you will need two vibration motors. Put the vibration motor on each mouth part of the bottle and tape it. Use wire to connect each vibration motor.


For pluto, use the directions of the Bristle Bot on the Littlebits site.


Connect the branch to the power and connect two wires, one for the motion sensor to the two vibration motor and one for the Pluto.


Connect the motion sensor to the power source.

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