Medication Minder

by mattRichardson

Published on September 7, 2014

Last time I saw my Doctor, she asked if I was staying on top of taking my daily dose of two different medications. I wasn't sure. Sometimes, late in the day, I couldn't remember whether or not I took both pills that morning. I made the Medication Minder to help me easily log every day I've taken both pills. It was important to me that I didn't change my morning routine in any way (I don't want to have to "retrain" myself) and that it worked with my regular old pill bottles. If both pill bottles get picked up within a few minutes of each other, that information is logged for me to check at any time. Here's an overview of how it works: Power is split to two roller switches in "open" mode. These sense when the pill bottle is picked up and each send an on signal to a timeout, which holds that on signal for a couple minutes. Both timeouts go into a double AND. If both timeouts are on at the same time, the double AND passes the on signal to the cloudBit, which triggers an action on IFTTT. IFTTT sends an email to a special Gmail address I have set up to log the things that happen around me. The hardest part of this project was getting the mechanics right. The pill bottle has to rest directly on top of the roller switch in order to push it down. Making the cardboard tubes as small as possible helped with this.


How To Make It


Set up the circuit as shown above in the diagram.


Insert the roller switches inside cardboard tubes so that the medication bottle presses the switch down. The bottle should press directly down onto the roller switches, so make the tube just large enough for the bottle. The roller switches should be in "open" mode so that when the bottle is lifted off the switch, the on signal is passed to the timeout Bits.


Set the timeouts so that there's enough time to take both medications and both will be on at the same time. Try using LED bits after the timeouts and after the double AND bit to get this right.


Set up the cloudBit to connect to your wifi network.


Create a filter in your Gmail account so that any emails sent to [email protected] are marked as read, archived, and given the label "log."


Have IFTTT send an email to [email protected] when the signal into the cloudBit turns on. Give the subject line something relevant like "[HEALTH] Medication taken today"


If you search your Gmail account for messages with the "log" label, you'll see all log entries.

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