littlePiggy Bank

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Interactive piggy bank that RINGS frantically to thank you for feeding it, BUZZES and LIGHTS up when you pet it’s ear, and SITS quietly when you want it to!

How To Make It


Build your circuit: Battery+power+fork. Flip the switch on the power switch to turn it on (a red light will appear). From one prong of the fork add +motion sensor+wire+vibration motor. From the other prong of the fork add +wire+pressure sensor+long led+long led+buzzer.


Cut the bottom and the top off of a large 2 liter plastic bottle using a knife or scissors. Also, cut off the tops of 2 smaller plastic bottles. These 2 top pieces will become the piggy’s legs.


On the large bottle, mark where you want to place the ears, eye balls, nose, and coin entry. Then cut out these sections using a box cutter or xacto knife. Be careful and ask a parent for help if you need it!


Glue the legs (the bottle tops that you previously cut) to the main body. The wider opening should be glued to the body and the smaller opening (with the cap) will be the feet.


Spray paint the body and let it dry. We painted our piggy white, but feel free to make him any color you can imagine!


Wrap a ping-pong ball with the adhesive felt and glue it to the top end of the larger bottle. Now you have created the nose. Glue 2 small circular pieces of paper to the ping pong ball to make the nose holes.


Time to make the ears! Cut 4 ear shapes out of the felt. Keeping the circuit intact, place the pressure sensor in between 2 of the pieces of felt and stick them together using double-sided tape. Then stick the remaining 2 pieces of felt together. You can attach the second ear (the one without the pressure sensor) to your pig now. We will attach the other one soon.


Make the eyes. Use a pen to poke holes in the foam balls that are big enough to fit the long leds inside them. Glue the foam eyes into their holes (on the bottle) making sure that the cavities are on the inside.


Now let’s secure the circuit inside of the littlePiggy. Make sure the motion trigger sits right below the coin slot you cut in the 2L bottle. Stick the ear with the pressure sensor through the hole you cut for it in the body. Place the long leds into the holes you poked in the backs of the foam eyes. You can use putty to secure them in place. You can also use double-sided tape to make sure that the rest of the circuit stays put.


The last step is attaching a metal bell to the vibration motor. If the bell is large enough, the metal “puck” of the vibration motor will fit inside of it. If it does not fit inside, just tie or glue the bell to the vibration motor. It will still make a nice ringing sound.


Cut a circular piece of cardboard that is the same size as the back of your piggy. Cut a piece of felt that is also this same size (add a tab sticking off the side of this circle). Stick the felt on to the circle. This will now be the back of your pig.


You’re done! Now just turn your piggy’s powerBit on and every time you drop a coin in, he will ring! And if you squeeze his ear, he will let out a little squeal. Have fun saving!

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