littleBits Sample Rotator

by KRA5H January 23, 2014

Build a sample rotator using Erector set parts and littleBits for your home laboratory. The sample rotator, or media rotator "is a common piece of standard laboratory equipment that is used for continuous mixing of lab samples, for example for slowly reacting or dissolving components." (Source: For a more detailed description of the build, see my Instructable:

Bits used: bargraph , dc motor , dimmer, power , wire

Tags: Motion Gadgets Hack

Videos and Recipes


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    Build Circuit: Power + Dimmer + Bargraph + DC MOtor

Bits used (5)

Accessories used (2)


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Other Materials Used (3)

  • 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes 2
  • 50 ml conical centrifuge tubes 2
  • Screw clamps (or rubber bands, zip ties, etc.) 4

Tools (3)

  • Erector set (set screw) hex wrench
  • Erector set (standard) hex wrench
  • Erector set parts
  • erin_littleBits 11 months ago

    What a great idea- thanks for sharing!

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