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Littlebits morse code trainer

by alexpikkert

Published on August 23, 2015

A morse code trainer made from LittleBits used as a prototype for series production.
A button activated beeper for training mose code signals, as used for the first communication on a telegraph radio system in the 19th century....

I used the Littlebits design as a prototype to make 5 equal morse code trainers for my 5 granddaughters....

How To Make It


The prototype made with LittleBits Make a prototype morse code trainer, you only need a power bit, a button and a buzzer.
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What is a morse code signal? A morse code signal is made with short and long beeps that can be sent by a radio system. It was invented in the 19th century and was used by ships at sea for communication. The well known SOS signal (Save Our Souls) is a morse code signal with 3 short beeps, 3 long beeps and again 3 short beeps. It saved many lives...
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The series production ! Based on the prototype I made 5 equal morse code trainers with the same specification (battery, button and buzzer) and completed the design with a name tag and the morse code alphabet. Ready to send any message now !
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