Little Bits Valencia Chapter BitOlympics 2015 'Bicycle Lazer Tag' #BitOlympics

by Curiosibot

Published on July 13, 2015

Each player has a mini remote 
Each bike has an ir sensor on the seat
Using a mini remote from an electronics store is most effective, but you can make your own 
lazer using power,button, and the IR transmit led bit. 
When the sensor is triggered, it will play a sound meaning a 'hit'
Each hit = a point 
The first to ten wins
1. No blocking of the sensor
2. Evasive techniques are allowed including but not limited to: flatland tricks, jumping a ramp to evade opponent, riding backwards

Credits: Pier Barberis and Alayna Hughes Participants: Pier,Alayna, Lili, Malu

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