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Little Bits Book Of Monsters

by Prichard10

Published on January 8, 2017

Using Gismos and Gadgets second edition, I constructed the monster book of monsters from Harry Potter. A servo enables it's jaws to move up and down, motors and Bluetooth Bits make it controlable using drive mode in the littleBits app on my iphone.

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Cut a box to look like a book and put in the circuits

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Using an old box, I created the monsterbook structure. Then, I attached all the circuits with a mounting board and electrical tape.

STEP 2 : Print out the title for the monsterbook

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I was able to quickly print this image off of google, then I proceeded to laminate it with postage tape, and cut it out.

STEP 3 : Craft a set of teeth for your monsterbook out of polymer clay

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Using red and cream color polymer clay I made a set of teeth and baked them for 20 minutes.

STEP 4 : Make strips of paper to look like the sides of a book

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I took regular copy paper and soaked it in coffee. After letting it dry, I cut it into strips and drew thin lines on it so it would resemble the outside of a book.

STEP 5 : Add fur, marbles for the eyes, and everything else you created

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Using strong glue, I added the fur and all of the other components to my Little Bits Book of Monsters. (tip: make sure the upper gum juts out enough so it won't get stuck on the inside of the box)

STEP 6 : Hook up the bluetooth bits to drive mode and have fun!

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I enjoyed spooking my family out and recreating scenes from The Prisoner of Askaban.