Light-Up Dog Collar

by littleBits

Published on December 3, 2014

Make a dog collar that lights up when your dog barks! This sound-activated circuit is locked together with Hook & Loop Shoes and held in place with a velcro strip on the collar.

Credits: Oreo, office pup

How To Make It


Connect your circuit: coin battery + sound trigger + wire + bargraph + wire + bargraph. Make sure the coin battery is fully charged so that it lasts the maximum amount of time. You may also want to adjust the sensitivity of the sound trigger [with the little purple screwdriver] so that the collar reacts to a certain volume level.


Place Hook & Loop Shoes on the bottom of the Bits [the Bit feet!] and lock your circuit together.


Open the collar and lay it out straight. Place the circuit on the collar and mark where all the Bit Shoes are.


Use a needle and thread to sew velcro strips down to the places where you marked on the collar. A velcro strip [loop-side] is included when you buy Hook & Loop Shoes.


Now, stick your circuit to the collar and place it on your pup.

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