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Laser Messenger

by Anahit

Published on June 15, 2016

Who likes texting? Well... I have created a messenger that sends the text you type in the Serial Monitor of one computer to another computer and prints it out in the Serial Monitor. 

The messages are converted into sequences of bits and transmitted using a laser ray. This is the continuation of my previous work, the Optical Reader: http://littlebits.cc/projects/o

This is how it works:

The sender first reads the bytes you type in the monitor. It turns the laser on for a short period of time to notify the receiver that it should start reading. Then it turns each byte you type into 8 bits and sends through the laser ray - for '1' bits, the laser turns on and for '0' bits, the laser goes off.

The receiver waits for the transfer to begin. Then it reads the bits, making bytes out of them, doing exactly the opposite operation performed by the sender. It prints the characters on the second Serial Monitor and... there, you have messages to read!!
Reading of the bits is done using a light sensor.


Duration: 1 week

Credits: Astghik, Smbat

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Setup the Sender

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Picture 1

First, put together the sender following to the picture. Then program it.

STEP 2 : Setup the Receiver

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Picture 1

First, put together the receiver following to the picture. Then program into the second Arduino. When everything is ready, try to send something long and align the sender and the receiver so the laser ray falls onto the light sensor.

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