Jawbone Car

by rui and lily April 27, 2013

We decided to make a car with our littlebits. Using some JAWbones (http://www.jawbones.com/) we made a car and with some orthodontic wax we rigged two wheels to connect to the 2 dc motors.

Bits used: dc motor , power , slide dimmer, wire

Difficulty: Easy




  1. 1

    Put the wax into center of JAWbones wheels

  2. 2

    Push the dc motors into wax

  3. 3

    Make sure dc motors are going the same direction (with wire in between)

  4. 4

    Using the JAWbones, build a structure that can hold the dc motors and other stuff

  5. 5

    Connect the other bits in this order: 9V Battery -> Power -> Slide Dimmer -> Wire

  6. 6

    Put rubber bands around the wheels (for grip)

  7. 7

    Make the last connections

  8. 8

    Turn it on!

Bits used (6)

Other Materials Used (3)

  • Orthodontics Wax 1
  • Rubber Bands 2
  • Set of JAWbones 1
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