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Interactive t-shirt

by ValentinaC

Published on January 6, 2015

“Create your interactive t-shirt” was a workshop created for children, to promote the connection between design and technologies among children, providing a brief introduction to computational thinking, thanks to littleBits circuits and the electric paint, a conductive paint produced by Bare Conductive. 
The connection between littleBits and the Bare conductive paint was possible thanks to a touch sensor bit, I prototyped before it was available on the market ;). 
Instructions are available in 4 different languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish).

How To Make It


Have you already drawn a monster face ? If so, you are ready to create your amazing T-Shirt! First of all draw the outlines that compose your monster’s face on the T-Shirt using Bare Conductive paint pen, and connect a conductive thread inside your paint. This will connect conductive paint and your circuit up. You have to wait about 20 minutes to make the paint dry, in the meantime you can start assembling your littleBits™ circuit.


Reverse your T-shirt, take your mounting board and fix it on the inside of your T-shirt using double sided tape.


Now punch 2 holes into your T-shirt for the monster’s eyes and one for the mouth.


Insert the 2 long LEDs through the holes you have made for the eye and the vibration motor through the hole you have made for the mouth.


Take a ping pong ball and ask for help to an adult. Now you have to use a cutter to make a cross at the bottom of each ball. Then press onto the cross in order to create a little hole for your LED. These will be the eyeballs of your monster.


Decorate the eyes and create a mouth for your monster. Then push LEDs inside the ping pong ball. Apply your monster’s mouth to vibration motor using double sided tape.


To power up your circuit, draw a line and a dot with bare Conductive Paint that connects your monster to the edge of your T-shirt and clip a crocodile clip.


If you want to turn your circuit on touch your monster outline and the dot you made. Now your interactive T-shirt is ready! Well done!

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