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Instant Happy Birthday Machine

by Cindy McGee

Published on September 30, 2016

Welcome to our amazing Instant Happy Birthday Machine including lights, movement, fans, and accompanied by a great rendition of the Happy Birthday Song! Many of our 6th and 7th Grade girls contributed to creating our amazing machine! Thanks! https://vimeo.com/185062213  https://vimeo.com/185062528  https://vimeo.com/185067047 


Duration: 20 minutes

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

the girls first made a movement machine using the servo, then attached a happy birthday sign to it, they embellished it with the fans and leds.

STEP 2 :

then they also put together a keyboard with speaker and taught themselves how to play the Happy Birthday song on it to accompany their moving happy birthday sign!

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