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"Illuminations" Interactive Frame Project - Prototypes (Work in progress)

by conniechowpetit

Published on January 28, 2016


Watch our new video showing the new elements added to our prototype #2 :-)

The first prototype of a project "Illuminations" is a frame with interactive lights and sounds that showcases the user experience when seeing a work of art, like a painting for example. Here we have a prime spotlight that is activated by a light sensor, a second set of lights, which can also activate a third spotlight by sound.

The second and third iteration includes using the ir transmitters and servo motor with some painting on the glass cover to add to the light reflect.

We're still in the process of making this so please come back for updates!

Teaser # 1 - Le premier prototype d'un projet "Illuminations", c'est un cadre avec des lumières et des sons interactifs qui met en valeur l'expérience utilisateur voyant une œuvre d'art comme une peinture par exemple.

Ici, nous avons un premier spot qui s'active par un capteur de lumière, un second spot, qui peut également activer un troisième spot par le son. Plus à venir!

Duration: Ongoing...

Credits: With Benjamin Chow-Petit & More to come!

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