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I Stand with Ayah & Ahmed #hackpack

by Thingfully

Published on September 18, 2015

I'm the Oakland, CA Chapter Leader and visiting NY City this weekend so I asked @nickweinberg if I could visit littleBits HQ today.  Nick & Co were having a #HackPack session and I brought my swag from the Twilio conference (a HackPack complete with a rainbow matrix of LEDs and an arduinoBit).  I had read Ayah's post about standing with Ahmed, the Muslim boy who was arrested in Irving, TX when he brought a homemade clock into school.  I Tweeted her blog post, re-tweeted Obama, and shared a link to Why You Should Build a Clock for Social Good this Week on Hackaday
Actions speaks louder than social media.  During the #HackPack session I re-programmed my arduinoBit to read #IStandWithAhmed. After leaving littleBits HQ I was asked by people at the Picasso exhibition that's at MOMA about my great backpack. I took it out and showed people and had a few conversations about Ahmed and injustice.

Credits: Sean Schumer helped solder the pins and adjust the pre-loaded code from the Twilio conference.

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