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I'm Calling my Mummy.

by Emily Stanley GSSI

Published on October 27, 2016

In order to properly capture the sarcastic eye rolling that sometimes plagues our chapter leaders, we designed an eye rolling mummy using two servos, one wire and one power source.  We tried two servos and two power sources but they were too difficult to synch.

Duration: thirty minutes

How To Make It


Mummy Build We experimented with our design a little - we had some trouble getting the servos to synch and attaching to the servo arms was a little tricky. Since we were mounting this on a flat hanging surface we used a badge holder to clip onto the dimmer and the mounting board. We used paper bowls as the eyes to give plenty of space for our servos and wires. The medical gauze made an easy to drape, light weight decoration to really make the mummy look, well, mummified. :) The circuit is basic - power to dimming switch (to control the roll)to split to servos. Mounting the cardboard pupils was a little tricky - we used clear straws and clear tape to attach the pupils.

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