Helper Ambulance

by elecrticv

Published on March 21, 2015

A self balancing two wheeled ambulance to carry injured people or other things
Uses 2 moters, buzzer, wire, 2 lego wheels,RGB led 
one Pulse, Power, Slide dimmer

How To Make It


Take mounting board and put it on the floor in front of you.


connect the power battery slide dimmer a fork and 3 wire and put them on the board (try to save as much space a possible.)


Take your other mounting board and attach the end of the wire in the back of it and attach moters to each of those wires and make the moters go in diffrent directions .


turn one moter around and attach it to the mounting board do the same thing with the other moter epsept dont turn it around.


take your buzzer and light and attach them to a wire and attach that wire to a pulse and attach the pulse to a the wire in the middle.


take your lego wheel and attach it to a lego axel and attach that to moter mate and do that again. finally attach those to your moters

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