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Published on April 29, 2014

You have arrived at Headquarters! Command your Universe from up to 100 feet away within the Control Room! Also, use the Headquarters as a littleBit-Box to travel with your littleBits! Enjoy!

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

First, lets begin with building the circuit on a Mounting Board. Power + Fork + Split (1st Channel & 1st Wire) + Dimmer + Microphone (2nd Wire) + Synth Speaker + Dimmer + Number, Keyboard (2nd Channel) + Micro Sequencer, Dimmer (3rd Channel) + Wire. Add a Wireless Transmitter to the ends of the Slide Dimmer, Micro Sequencer, and Wire Bits.

STEP 2 :

Place the Space Kit Case on top of the Premium Kit Case and tape them together. Tape the Synth Kit Case to the Premium Kit Case. Tape the Base Kit Case to the Synth Kit Case. The boxes should resemble a staircase. 

STEP 3 :

Tape the Mounting Board on the Synth Kit Case. Leave 4" of space on the top of the Synth Kit. Place three strips of tape next to the three channels of the Wireless Transmitter.

STEP 4 :

Tape the second half of the split on top of the Base Kit. Plug the Auxiliary cord into the microphone.

STEP 5 :

Tape your tablet to the top of the Space Kit. Since I have an IR Blaster embedded inside of my tablet(Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1), I can connect with the Remote Trigger. The case for the tablet serves as a stand for the tablet. Plug the other end of the Auxiliary Cord into the tablet.

STEP 6 :

Power Up! You can control your universe from 100 ft. away and you can play anything from your tablet! With a sharpie, label each channel on the strips of tape next to the transmitter. Use a tablet or remote to trigger an IR Blaster. Prepare for Take-Off! When it's time to "Take-Off" to an adventure with your littleBits, use the Headquarters as a Bit-Box!

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