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Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Moving Collages

by angelamargaret

Published on November 20, 2016

An epic battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort, set to music in front of a Hogwarts backdrop. 

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Moving Collages

1) Follow instructions on "Rule You Room: Moving Collages" To assemble two moving collages complete with the arm 2) Mount them both on a mounting board, having the arms stick directly up 3) Using an internet search engine or any manner of your choice find images pf the characters. Harry Potter and Voldemort, and print them out with a color printer 4) Cut out and attach your characters onto small pieces of cardboard using tape 5) Attach the cardboard and images to the arms of your 'Moving collage' using tape 6) Using an internet search engine or any manner of your choice find a background or setting, Hogwarts, and print using a color printer 7) Attach your image to a piece of cardboard using tape 8) Bring together all of your individual inventions from the previous steps 9) Assemble your scene and enjoy!

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