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Harry Potter-Retrieve the Golden Egg

by juliemurray0620

Published on January 8, 2017

Wizards used a sorting hat to be placed on teams.  Teams  then designed and created a device using littlebits which would retrieve the Golden Egg from the fierce dragon, just like in the movie.

Duration: 60 minutes

How To Make It


Create Build your circuit. Use picture as guide as seen on page 33 in littleBits STEAM Student Set book.


Add Wheels Attach the wheels onto the DC motor.


Add Mounting Board Press your circuit onto the mounting board.


Attach battery Attach battery to the back of the mounting board.


Motors Press the motors onto the mounting board.


Add roller Add roller tot he bottom of mounting board.


Set the DC motors Set the first DC motor to CCW and the second DC motor to CW.


Add creative aspects Add materials to test to try to retrieve the golden egg.


Connect to mobile device Connect the bluetooth bit to a mobile device.


Test Test your device to try to retrieve the egg.

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