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Halloween - No school is safe!

by anna.

Published on November 1, 2016

Little scary movie realized for the Halloween challenge with the creations of the kids of my class. They are six years old and they did great!

Duration: around 6 hours from the design to the realization

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Brainstorming and selecting

We got this idea to take the Halloween challenge and to make a very short scary movie, so i asked the kids which characters they wanted to build and which kind of scenography they would have liked. In this first step they got many many ideas, then together we choose some characters and some scene.

STEP 2 : Planning the animation

Before to realize the scenography or the characters we worked to well define how we wanted to animate them with lights or motions. Is better to know precisely what you wanna have as a final result before to build it:

STEP 3 : Creating

The class was divided in little groups, each one of them with a precise task.

STEP 4 : Assembling and filming

When all the pieces were ready with colors, light or motions, we put together the whole scenario and decided the steps of the movie: scene 1 - the entry scene 2 - the pumpkin ect... Then I assigned roles to some of the kids so that light and movements could take the right place inside the story.

STEP 5 : Editing the movie

This is some I did, they are too little for now to make it by their own. Then i asked my husband to create a simple soundtrack to add ;)

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