Halloween Hack - Motion & Light

by jenteach

Published on November 3, 2017

Students were provided with a variety of Halloween-themed items. They were given a choice of which group they wanted to join: Motion, Light, Motion & Light. Working collaboratively with the other students that made the same selection, students selected the items they wanted to work with and then began inventing!

This is the motion & light group. They selected a cauldron, skeleton, spider webs, and foam decorating pieces. Their "hack" was to light up the potion in the cauldron and have the witch stiring this potion with a skeleton, both using their littleBits.

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

Students used the foam pieces of the jack-o-lantern making kit to build their witch.

STEP 2 :

The bargraph littleBits were placed in the bottom of the cauldron and then covered with the spider webbing.

STEP 3 :

The witch was tapped to the cauldron.

STEP 4 :

The plastic skeleton was attached to the servo and then taped to the witch's hand.

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