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by littleBits

Published on October 2, 2014

Make your very own interactive pumpkin for Halloween! With just a few snaps, you can create a pumpkin that lights up when it hears sound. 


Make this project with our handy Hack-o-lantern Halloween Pack

How To Make It


First, you will need a medium-sized plump pumpkin. We recommend not using those GINORMOUS, man-eating ones, otherwise the LED won't shine through.


Next, you need to trace your design onto your pumpkin. We used a Dracula-ed version of our icon aka BitGuy. Download the PDF below, or use one of your own designs! Carve your pumpkin and remove all the guts. PRO TIP: spray the inside of your pumpkin with bleach to fend off mold.


Now it's time to create your circuit. Attach your battery to power + sound trigger + bright LED. You'll need to calibrate the sound trigger so that it triggers the LED at the volume you think is right. Use the teeny, purple screwdriver to adjust the sensitivity.


Use the shoes to lock your circuit into place. Attach them to the bottom of your circuit.


We place our circuit in the bottom of the pumpkin, but you can put yours anywhere! Use the adhesive shoes, stick the circuit to cardboard, and pin the cardboard to the pumpkin lid or side. Use whatever combination works for you. Now sit back, relax, and trick out your guests!

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