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Future Baby Stroller

March 1, 2014
My Grade 4 class created a baby stroller for the future using littleBits. This was first time using littleBits for the students, they tried to use as many parts from the kit as possible to construct a type of transportation. Students came up with a number of problems with current baby strollers (air pollution in China, whacky weather, boredom, and kidnapper). They used different littleBits to make a motion-triggered buzzer, cover for rain, motored mobile, light decoration, long light for night stroll, pressure-sensor switch for the fan to combat air pollution, and a pillow that has vibration motor for parents to wake up the baby. So here we present, QISS prototype- WAKABE.

Credits: Taiki, Megan, Norah, Chris, Oskar, Alexandra, Harry, Lucas, Tony

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