Flashlight Hands

by ktupponce

Published on March 15, 2017

The Flashlight Hands use different bits to create a flashlight that you can put on your hand.

Duration: 30 to 40 min

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Setup

First, you need to setup the gloves, so you need to attach the hook and loop tape to the gloves.

STEP 2 : The Bits

After you setup your gloves, you need to put the bits together, and make sure you put the hook and loop shoes on the bits that go on the hook and loop tape.

STEP 3 : Put It On

This is the hardest part of the Flightlight Hands is putting it on. You need to the power, button, latch, fork, and the wireless transmitter on one arm, and another power and wireless receiver on the other arm.

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