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Fish shop by the sea

by kimvallee

Published on March 27, 2017

My son and I decided to animate a LEGO creation. What we made is a wind-powered fish shop. We added lights on top of the conveyor belt used by the fisherman to unload their catch of the day at the shop.

The main challenge of this invention was to teach a 6-year-old child how to connect 4 action bits (2 LED and 2 DC Motor) to a single power source. We found out that attaching a DC motor to a brick adaptor or a mounting board is essential to bring stability to your invention. Otherwise, your bits will not stay in place due to the vibration or the motion.

We took time to think about how the bits impact the shop design. Because our project animates three different area, we originally used 4 wire bits to connect the action bits. After we made the video, we remixed the bits. We're able to only use 1 wire bit to connect all circuits together.

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Build with LEGO bricks your shop foundation and the structures who wish to animate

You need to have an idea of where each element will be and what the entire invention will look like. Build on a large LEGO plate, if you have one.

STEP 2 : Create and test your circuits

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Initially build 4 circuits (two for your LED, one that rotates the turbine and one that moves the convoyer belt) as shown in the picture. At this point, you build four circuits to be able to move the circuits around at will and to test them separately. Use 4 wire bits to connect the four circuits to a single power source. Why proceed like that? To make it easy to change the layout of your LEGO creation, if you want to. If the convoyer belt doesn't move in the correct direction, use the small screwdriver to change which direction the motor spins. You set the direction with the switch on the front of the bit.

STEP 3 : Remix your circuits - Mounting Board

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Once you completely built your shop, convoyer belt and wind turbine, optimize your circuits. 1) Affix the tethered DC Motor to a mounting board. You do this first because the DC Motor must be aligned with the LEGO gear and axle attached to the convoyer belt. 2) CIRCUITS ON THE MOUNTING BOARD Connect the power bit to the other side of the tethered DC motor bit followed by two long LED bits. End it with one end of a wire bit (leave it unattached for the moment). Secure your circuit to the mounting board. Test it. If necessary, use the small screwdriver to change the spinning direction of the motor.

STEP 4 : Circuits on a brick adaptor

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Snap the brick strip on the top of the tower of your LEGO wind turbine. Connect a DC motor to the remaining end of the wire bit. Test your entire circuits. When it works, secure this circuit to the brick adaptor.

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