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Falling Spider Prank

by Magic of Rahat

Published on November 20, 2015

Hey guys! So I made this wirelessly triggered falling spider prank using the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. We set up this fake user test for a made up gadget, but in reality, when they walk into the studio, they're gonna get a face full of SPIDER.

Duration: 20 mins

Credits: Rahat Hossain

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Build the remote

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This simple remote is made with a power module, slider dimmer and the wireless transmitter. Use a glue dot the stick the battery on the board and you're ready to go!

STEP 2 : Build the spider-lowering device

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The slide dimmer on the remote will activate a DC motor connected to the wireless receiver. Connect a power module to the wireless receiver, and then snap on the DC motor. Be sure the wireless transmitter & receiver are on the same channel. Also, make sure the motor is on "var" mode so that the spider can go up and down.

STEP 3 : Attach (fake) spider to device

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We found an lil' old spool of thread, and just our luck the littleBits motor mate fit right in the spool's hole! Use the motor mate to attach the spool onto the DC Motor. Then use a bit of tape to attach the spider of your choice onto the end of the string.

STEP 4 : Place spider-lowering device

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We placed the spider-lowering device in a little cardboard box, and cut a hole so the spool could stick out. We then hid the device above the door to our studio. Try your own setup, whether it be on a bookshelf or above a couch or maybe on a fan to make that spider FLY!

STEP 5 : Hide. Wait. PRANK!

The wireless modules have up to 100 feet in range, so take the remote to another room and wait for your victim. Once the prankee is situated perfectly where you want them, use the slide dimmer to lower the spider. When the dimmer is in the middle, the spider is stationary, and you can lower and raise the spider by sliding up and down. Happy pranking!

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