Electric Toothbrush

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Keep your smile beautiful with littleBits by making your own electric toothbrush with an adjustable timer!

How To Make It


Build your circuit: power + button + wire + timeout + pulse + servo.


Set the timeout to on-off mode. when you do this, you are setting a timer for your circuit to go on for a set period of time before it goes off again. Next, using the small purple screwdriver, adjust the time on the timeout for the length of time you want to brush your teeth for (3 minutes is our recommendation!). The time adjustment is very sensitive, so you will have to experiment to get the timing just right.


Use the purple screwdriver to set the pulse to a fast speed. Make sure not to turn it all the way to the right though because this will be too fast for your servo.


Set the servo to turn mode.


Use a rubber band to attach your toothbrush to the servo's arm.


Place your circuit onto a wooden block and secure it with rubber bands. The servo + toothbrush should be located at the top, and the battery at the bottom.


Push the button to activate your toothbrush and keep those pearly whites happy!

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