Drum Beating 123

by LB SG October 25, 2012

Create a drum beating for kids that actually lights up with every beats you hit.

Bits used: led, power , pressure sensor, wire

Tags: Light Fun & Games Around the house

Credits: LittleBitSG Singapore Group Trainer

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  1. 1

    Create a base using playdooh, mound it into a round base to support an ice cream stick.

  2. 2

    Then create the littlebit circuits using power, pressure sensor, wire and LED.

  3. 3

    Secure the circuit on the base and tape the pressure sensor on to the 1st ice cream stick.

  4. 4

    Then add another one as a support for the drum (cup). Tape the cup onto the 2nd ice cream stick so when you beat on it, it will trigger the lights to grow as well.


LittleBitSG Singapore Group Trainer

Bits used (4)

Accessories used (1)


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Other Materials Used (4)

  • Costape 1
  • Ice cream stick 1
  • Paper Cup 1
  • Play dooh 1
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