door alarm

by fabricationator2722

Published on July 20, 2015

this uses the following modules, power, double OR, motion trigger,  sound trigger, a couple of wires, and CloudBit.

Credits: LittleBits, make: magazine

How To Make It


first, setup the CloudBit to text your phone when the buzzer buzzes


next, connect the bits in this order to make your circuit. power, split, wire, motion trigger, on the second end of the double OR, connected to the buzzer then the CloudBit. After that, connect the


Lastly, test your alarm by walking in once, and hearing the alarm and checking your phone for a text message, then do the same, but disconnect the motion trigger from the double OR module, then clap your hands together.


Finally, connect the USB cable to the adapter, or goal zero backup battery, also try making a higher security alarm by adding two circuits(one connected to the backup battery, and the other to the adapter)

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