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Depressed Coffee-mate #AnimatronicsChallenge

by mmalpartida

Published on February 29, 2016

Adele switched from coffee to tea and this is what happened.

Note: Had copyright problems using Adele's version so ended up using Leroy Sanchez's cover so its not 100% in sync but still fun to watch.

Duration: 1hr

Credits: My wife Karla and the kids helped!

How To Make It


Get a "Coffee-mate" box and some imagination I saw this box in the recycle bin at work and thought it would be cool to make it talk. The circuits are very simple: Puppet Controller POWER > BUTTON > WIRELESS TRANSMITTER Puppet POWER > WIRELESS RECEIVER > SERVO


Position servo Cut openings in back of box for positioning which will also depend on how long of a "push rod" you end up making in the next step


Control the mouth Bend a very large paper clip or use 16 gauge galvanized wire to attach to servo
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Test Tape everything down and test out your open and closing actions. If all is well then hot glue the servo in place and tape the push rod to the "mouth" so that it can still move when pushed.


Have fun! From this point you can experiment and remix or make parody videos like we did!

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