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Danilo's Horror Box that opens 'remotely' #hackhalloween

by rafael.coutinho

Published on October 26, 2015

Danilo created a box that horrifies with a deadly scream when it is opened.
In order to scary even people that don't have courage to open it, he created a hydraulic mechanism that can open the box from outside and scary people away. #hackhalloween  

Duration: 2 hours

Credits: Danilo Iemini Silva - Creator Davi Iemini Silva Fábio Silva Ariadne Silva Felipe Mazzarino Elisa Coutinho Rafael Coutinho

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Hydraulic activator

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The hydraulic mechanism

Get two syringes, glue a straw between it, fill one of them with water. When you push one, it opens the second one.

STEP 2 : Activate the button

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Inside the terror box

With a box make a small hole in it, glue one syringe in the middle of it and a button just between the syringe and the box. When the syringe expands it pushes the button.

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