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Dancing Paper Robot!

by Travis Sluss

Published on May 5, 2015

Need a dancing companion? This is your project!

How To Make It


Get yourself some thick paper, fold it in half and start cutting for your arms and legs. Cut at the folding edge, such that each limb has one single piece of paper folded over (for strength). You need: Two pieces for the arms Four pieces for the legs One large piece for the body And a head!


Make holes in the top of four of the leg sheets.


Connect leg pieces together with a twist tie or something else that will allow movement.


Tape the top part of the legs to your body, tape the arms and head on.


Onto the bits! Connect a Branch or splitter to power.


Now connect two dimmers/potentiometers to the Branch.


Connect servos to the dimmers.


Start dancing!


For a more advanced dance, try using the Korg Synth Bits to make the Dancing Paper move to the beat!

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