Dancing Jack Skellington

by Liza

Published on April 23, 2014

He will invite you to dance with his left hand and his illuminated head, then he will dazzle you with his moves via vibration motors when you accept the other hand. This project was made in a littleBits workshop at the 2012 TEI Conference in Ontario. Created by Liza Stark and Augusto Esteves.

How To Make It


Connect power to branch


Connect 2 extension wires to 2 sides of the branch


At the end of each extension wire, connect a pressure sensor.


At the end of each pressure sensor, connect an extension wire.


At the end of each extension wire, connect a branch.


On one branch, connect 2 long LEDs. These will be used for Jack's eyes.


On the other available branch, connect two more extension wires.


Then, connect a vibration motor to each of those extension wires. These will act as Jack's dancing feet.


Now let's make Jack! Use the black electrical tape to form Jack's arms and legs. Imagine Jack's hands are the pressure sensors and his feet are the vibration motors. Wrap the tape around the extension wires and bits until you see his body take shape.


Poke two holes in the Styrofoam ball. Secure the 2 long LEDs here for Jack's eyes.


Use a black marker to draw eyes and a smile on the Styrofoam ball for Jack's face.


Press Jack's hands to watch him light up and dance the night away!

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