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Dancing Gymnastic

by Rambo

Published on August 9, 2016

Two men running in opposit directions and at the end one man coming down ,attached with a rope, from the ceiling holding a little bits flag.

Duration: 12hours

How To Make It


Wood cuting Cut the stage made of wood with a jig saw. Then cut the characters.


LittleBits Assemble the littlebits and put them on the project.


Walking Characters Put wheels to the two characters and tie them with a string and then attache it to the dc motors


Jumpimg Character Tie the last character with the string and then to the dc motor.


Music Put a sequencer and a oscillator and add speaker. At the end make the frequency you want.


Lights Use a sequencer and add to it four RGB lights and put it on forward to make the lights flicker very fast.


HAVE FUN!!!! Enjoy looking at my project. :-)

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