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Custom Timeout Bit with Reset Feature

by tomparsons2

Published on March 18, 2017

I made a timer circuit on a breadboard that uses the Proto bit to connect to a littleBits circuit.

This timeout module works exactly like a standard littleBits Timeout bit, except that it will reset the timer back to zero (and restart the timer) if an input pulse is given after the timer has started but before it's completed.  With a standard littleBits Timeout bit, a pulse given while the timer is running will be ignored.


Duration: 3 hours

How To Make It


Assemble electronic components on the breadboard See schematic. The timer duration is set by the potentiometer. The max duration of the timer is based on the potentiometer max (1 Megohm in this case) and the capacitor (220 microfarads in this case). For this circuit, 4 minutes is the max duration.
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Assemble littleBits circuit - basic This basic circuit works as planned, but the output goes high momentarily during the reset pulse.
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Assemble littleBits circuit with XOR bit to prevent ON during reset Adding the branch and XOR bit to the circuit prevents the output bargraph from turning on during the momentary reset pulse. A proto bit with resistor and capacitor acts as an RC filter to prevent the noise on the output during the reset pulse. See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbHsNqOniUU
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