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Crate-O-Matic, a Rule Your Room Kit Invention

by Mya Berkey

Published on August 2, 2016

Invent a new way to let your dog out of its cage. Use the Rule Your Room Kit to make a conductive contraption that automatically opens your dog cage when you get home.

How To Make It

STEP 1 :

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Power, Makey Makey, Servo. I also used the servo mount.

STEP 2 :

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The second step was to build a conductible strip to attach to the door. I used tin foil, alligator clips, and wire.

STEP 3 :

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The third step was to complete the Makey Makey circuit. I attached tin foil to the door stopper so when the door was opened it would release the dog.

STEP 4 :

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The fourth and final step was to make the servo take the nail out of the crate. I used a twist tie to attach the nail to the servo and some tape and the servo mount to keep the servo in place.

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