StopWatch of Science

by Vincenzo5

Published on April 24, 2015

Since the Timeout does not give how long it times out for, I wanted to figure it out, and what better way than with other LittleBits?

How To Make It


Gather Materials: Everything I used was in my opinion necessary but there are definitely other ways and other Bits this project could have been accomplished with.


Connect 'Em: Using the fork I was able to put all my Bits into one system to test the timeout. In one port I plugged in the timeout along with a slide switch and a bright led to really see the timeout work. In the middle port I connected a 01 led, that, when turned on using the slide switch and the button is pushed, would reset the number. 


Finally in the last port i connected a Latch that would turn the button into a toggle switch to keep the current flowing, a 01 led to let me know if current was still flowing through that port, the slide switch to pause the number, a pulse to make then number count up in increments of approximately 1 second, and the number used for the counting.


Test: Testing is key here. Although my setup works it took a long time to adjust it to work the way I wanted it to (and its still not perfect!). Try adding different LittleBits, too, the same timeout could be made using different ones or even different setups.


The Uses: In the first half of the video I show how the system is like a stop watch, counts the amount of time the Timeout goes for, and resetting the Number. In the second half I show how it can be paused and then played again to continue counting the Timeout a second time. The second feature can also be used for a more exact timing, seeing as my system does not count milliseconds, by dividing the second number by two (such as the 17 I got in the end to get 8.5), this would also account for human error when switching off the Slide Switch.


Thanks for viewing my project! If you have any tips or improvements you think could help me out or make it better please comment!

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