Confetti Cannon

by christinadanton January 31, 2012

A paper cannon that propels confetti using a fan. The confetti activates a motion sensor that sets of a light underneath the cannon causing it to glow. This project was made in a littleBits workshop at RISD. Created by Daniel Chang & Christina Danton.

Bits used: bargraph , fan, motion trigger, power

Tags: Motion Fun & Games Display & Decor Around the house

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  1. 1

    Connect motion sensor to fan

  2. 2

    To wire the circuit, connect these Bits in the following order: power > motion trigger > wire > fan. Please note that this is a simplified version of the confetti cannon pictured above. Feel free to experiment and add Bits to your liking!

  3. 3

    To build the "cannon": Bandsaw wood blocks or collect 4 pre-cut blocks

  4. 4

    Fit a screen for the fan (to stop the confetti getting in)

  5. 5

    Tape the motion sensor in place.

  6. 6

    Cut a piece of paper and fold to wrap around the fan, make a hole for the motion sensor, tape in place around the fan.

  7. 7

    Bandsaw masonite base (one find pre-cut base). Fix everything to the base. Fix the fan to the blocks.

  8. 8

    Turn it on and have a blast!

Bits used (4)

Accessories used (1)


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Other Materials Used (7)

  • Confetti (or tissue paper) 1
  • Double-sided tape 1
  • Masking tape 1
  • Masonite base 1
  • Paper 1
  • Tack 1
  • Wood blocks 1

Tools (3)

  • Bandsaw
  • Scissors
  • Xacto knife
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