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Continuous Integration Status Lights

by spilth

Published on November 1, 2014

Use the Cloud & Arduino bits to receive notifications from a Continuous Integration server (Travis CI) webhook and turns on a Green or Red light depending on the state of your most recent build. Either the d5 or d9 receives voltage at a time so you can have distinct results for Success and Failure for your builds. Note: I only have 1 RGB LED so I'm using a barograph for now as the other LED.

How To Make It


Temporarily plug one RGB LED into the USB Power and set its color to Green


Temporarily plug the other RGB LED into the USB Power and set its color to Red


USB Power -> CloudBit -> Arduino a0


Arduino d5 -> Green RGB LED


Arduino d9 -> Red RGB LED


Plug a USB cable int your computer and the Arduino bit. Start the Arduino IDE and upload the code below.


Set up the web hook app as describe here:

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