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Cardboard Games Workshop

by Bogucki

Published on August 7, 2013


Inspired by Caine's Arcade, team littleBits held a workshop to empower children in the community to make intricate, interactive games out of cardboard.

What is learned: 

Foundations of electricity, iterative design, problem solving

Workshop type:

Age Range: 

2-4 individuals trained in workshop facilitation

Cardboard Boxes
Glue Dots
Pipe Cleaners
Styrofoam balls
Popsicle Sticks
Duct Tape
Plastic cups

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Learn about littleBits

Dedicate the first 10-15 minutes of the workshop to Bit education. Explain the various Bit functions and how to make different circuits. 

STEP 2 : Brainstorm and design


Set aside 15 minutes for the participants to sketch and plan their projects. During this time, workshop facilitators should circulate and make sure each child has a game plan. To help, ask the following questions: 

What type of game do you want to create?
What are the rules of the game?
Is it individual game or multi-player?
What materials do you need to create the game?

STEP 3 : Build


During this 75-90 minute time period, the participants will design and test their games. Workshop participants should help with the testing and troubleshoot any issues. To help, ask the participants: 

How can you incorporate littleBits to make your game interactive (lights, motion, sound)?

How can you improve your game? (different materials, more people, circuit location, etc.) 

STEP 4 : Present


It's game time! Dedicate the final minutes of the workshop to demonstrations. Allow each child to introduce their game and play it with fellow participants. 

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