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CAGE Flashlight

by Cindy McGee

Published on April 4, 2017

As part of the Glow Challenge, the CAGE team (they made their team name from the initials of the members names) created a milk jug dimmable flashlight.

Duration: 60 minutes

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Use Design Thinking process to explore ideas

The CAGE team discussed various inventions that produced a glow; they interviewed each other and brainstormed ideas and different designs.

STEP 2 : Assemble bits

After deciding on a simple flashlight design, the team explored different bits to create a light. They determined that using a dimmer switch would give them the desired outcome for their flashlight. They assembled the basic bits.

STEP 3 : Use materials to create Flashlight

The team used materials from the Makerspace to create the body of their flashlight. They decided on a milk jug for the basic body and had to determine how to cut it open to insert the bits, but still have the controls on the outside and accessible. They used a paper cup to focus their light better.

STEP 4 : Presentation and feedback

The team presented their final prototype flashlight to the group and gathered feedback.

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