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Bumper Ball With A Scoreboard

by Mr.littleBits

Published on June 25, 2017

I changed the bumper ball project so that it has a scoreboard and counts up every time you score a point using lego, and littleBits.

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Bumper Ball

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Create the bumper ball project. If you don't have a second power bit for later then at this point use a USB power bit instead.

STEP 2 : creating your circit

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Connect a power bit, a wire bit, and a BLE bit together to make your circuit.

STEP 3 : Attaching your circut to the lego

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Make an 8 stud x16 stud lego base to put your circut on. Attach your circut to a lego adapter and then attach it to your lego base.

STEP 4 : Score board creation

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Make the score board by building up the lego in a funnel form around the light sensor.

STEP 5 : Positioning your score board

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Place your score board (what you built in step 4) at the back of your bumper ball project.

STEP 6 : Set up your BLE bit

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Go to bit controls and select "count up" Turn on both circuts and select your BLE bit. When you cover the sensor the number will go up. Note: If you don't use it in a room with light it won't work.

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