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Boxing Between Two

by h23autada

Published on September 4, 2016

Red Team v.s. Blue Team! Who will win?

I wanted to invent this project, based on the old boxing game toy, called  “Rockeʻm Sockeʻm.” I thought it would be cool to recreate a toy, that two people could have fun playing with. Even better, I can say that I made it myself. This project allows two people to control figures, moving their arms and legs, and see who wins!

Duration: A few hours/1 day

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Circuits

Two USB cords, two power sources, two buttons, four servos, connected in that same order.

STEP 2 : Building The Rink

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Get a medium sized box, around 12 inches or more. Cover the whole thing with black duct tape. Then take pieces of string, slightly longer than the size of your box, and cut them. Then flip your box to the other side, and use cut popsicle sticks for the corners, glueing them down. Finally, tie your string to the popsicles sticks, using cut cardboard and tape for support.

STEP 3 : Making The people

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To make the people, you will need foam balls, popsicle sticks, wire, googly eyes, black foam, and glue. The first step, is to push a popsicle stick inside the foam ball. Then hot glue another one on. Then your gonna poke a hole, big enough for a piece of wire. Poke the hole where the arms are gonna go. Then attach two more popsicles on each side, then bend the wire shut. Do the same with itʻs legs. This method will allow the figureʻs arms and legs, to move. Then finally, glue a strip of black foam on the sphere for the headgear, as well as two googly eyes.

STEP 4 : Putting It Together

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Now that youʻve got your circuits, boxing rink, and people, itʻs time to put it all together! Attach the half piece to your sphero, and hot glue the bottom, on one of your pesonʻs arms. Do the same with the legs. Make sure to wait a bit, before putting the sphero on the glue, so it can come off afterward. Now by pressing the button, the arms and legs can move.

STEP 5 : Final Step

The final step, is to glue your people on the rink. Allow the wires to go, under the rink, so it can be hidden. Then just get a friend, and get your boxing on!

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