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Bottle Dispenser for Babies

by Girleek

Published on September 8, 2015

Every day I have to give 5 bottles to my baby. Which is approximatively every 4 hours. Mum, geek and super busy, sometimes I do not remember the hour of the last bottle! So I decided to create a bottle dispenser, which counts the bottles I take and notes on an Google sheet the date and the hour.

Duration: 3 hours

Credits: Girleek


How To Make It

STEP 1 : Set up your cloudBit

Set up your cloudBit if you haven’t done so already.

STEP 2 : Build the circuit

Build the circuit: USB power + Roller Switch on "Open" mode + W2 Branch where one side goes to Number and the other side goes to Cloudbit + Wire which goes on top of Number. When you setup the roller switch on "open" mode, the connection will be done each the little "arm" will be released. After 5 times, you can reset the Number bit by pressing the button on your contral panel.

STEP 3 : Add an IFTTT's recipe

Set up the Google sheet with an IFTTT’s recipe. The recipe should read: IF my littleBits cloudBit is triggered [I take a bottle], THEN add a row to spreadsheet in my Google Drive

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