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bitWire remix by BONEVET

by edonabejtullahu

Published on November 9, 2016

This project shows the game of dont touch the wire created with littleBits. We used Makey Makey bit and is grounded by one end of the wire. The wand is also connected to the Makey Makey bit and so when wire and wand make contact the circuit will be completed and it will set off the buzzer bit. Also, we added the number bit so that it counts how many times the wand touches the wire



How To Make It

STEP 1 : The Circuit

We already knew the bits that we where about to use, but we just added something more, by adding a number bit, the circuit will count how many times does the wand touches the wire.

STEP 2 : The Box

At BONEVET we have a laser Cut machine and we used it to make a box for our project. You can find lots of templates online for boxes to cut in laserCut machines

STEP 3 : The Game

The funniest step for others is this one. Everyone wanted to try not once but much more and compete with others which one makes least touches of the wire.

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