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Bits on a string part 4

by alexpikkert

Published on March 25, 2016

Episode 4 of the continuing story of the Dulcimer powered by Littlebits.

See episode 1 for the making of the 3-string dulcimer that is used in this project.


In this episode the dulcimer is again activated with the servos, but now connected to the  sequencer. Each servo plucks one string when its sequencer output changes (ON-OFF or OFF-ON). One servo is connected via a latch bit to let it sound different compared to the other strings. The speed is controlled with a dimmer. One sequencer output pulses the MP3 player, loaded with some nice piano jazz music. The microphone bit sends the string sounds from the pickup elements to the synth speaker via the delay bit. Now only one synth speaker is used with a mixer bit for the string sounds and the MP3 sounds.  

Duration: 3 hrs.

How To Make It

STEP 1 : Sequencer strings & piano jazz

Sequencer strings & piano jazz

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