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Bits on a string part 2

by alexpikkert

Published on March 16, 2016

Episode 2 of the continuing story of the Dulcimer powered b Littlebits.

See episode 1 for the making of the 3-string dulcimer that is used in this project.


That’s a strange sound ! In this episode the dulcimer strumming is done with the vibration motor, pulsed by the trigger output of the micro sequencer. It is motion controlled with a dimmer. The vibration motor moves back and forth, driven by a servo to be able to touch all three strings. The servo is also motion controlled with a dimmer and pulsed by the same micro sequencer (with only pulse 1 and 3 ON) and a latch. The sound signal from the pickup elements is amplified via the echo delay bit and sent to the synth speaker (done for a nicer sound) and it also triggers the MP3 player with a second synth speaker, loaded with many different short percussion sounds. 

Duration: 3 Hrs.

How To Make It


The vibes and percussion The vibes and percussion

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