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by monty_littleBits

Published on October 8, 2015

Having trouble connecting the Bits to the mounting board? Visit here for some quick troubleshooting tips, or contact us at [email protected].

ROAM YOUR WORLD WIRELESSLY! This remote-controlled bot will do your bidding, thanks to a pair of wireless Bits and a couple DC motors. Use this versatile vehicle to prank your pets, set up a snack delivery system for Mom, or turn your room into a race track! What sort of adventures will your BitBot go on?

These instructions correspond to the first edition of the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. If you have the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit: 2nd Edition, please refer to those instructions. They can be found here.

Duration: 40 minutes

How To Make It

STEP 1 : First build your WIRELESS TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT, then press onto mounting board. This will work as your REMOTE CONTROLLER, sending its signal to the BitBot.

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Make sure to turn the slide dimmer 180° clockwise before placing it on the mounting board.


STEP 2 : Build the second circuit. This will be the heart of your BITBOT. After the circuit is made, press it onto a mounting board.

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STEP 3 : Turn off your circuits and ATTACH WHEELS TO THE DC MOTORS.

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STEP 4 : On the Bitbot circuit, STICK THE BALL CASTER TO THE MOUNTING BOARD with Glue Dots.

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Ball Caster


STEP 5 : CONTROLLING YOUR BITBOT: The middle position of the slide dimmers (~2.5V) will stop the wheels. Pushing both slide dimmers in the same direction will move it forwards and backwards. Take it for a spin!

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Let it rip!

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GIVE YOUR BOT SOME CHARACTER! Is it a creature, a race car, or a roaming genie lamp? Use the provided stickers and your own decorating materials to add some personality. Be sure to share your designs and check out what the community has done. Attach the bot template to the mounting board using tape or Glue Dots.


Take your new bot for a spin in a place that doesn’t exist yet! DESIGN A NEW CITY OR PLANET to roll around in. CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CHALLENGE.


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WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO WITH THIS ROAMING ROVER? Add a few Bits™ & accessories to your bot to create robotic art masterpieces. Draw a portrait, write your name, or even make some expressive abstract paintings when you add a mechanical arm to your Bitbot. FOR FULL INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE A DRAWBOT, CLICK HERE.

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